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Use the Indievelopment Lead Calculator.

The Indievelopent Calculator is to help you discover how much of a budget you could need for a successful campaign. It's based on industry averages and estimates that help you set realistic expectations on how we can use a marketing budget to achieve your goals.

Kickstarter Marketing

Find out how many Emails/pre-saves and Backers you need with your marketing budget.

It's Important to Know...

Marketing can not save a bad project

To have a Kickstarter worthy of disrupting online, you need a good project. At the end of the day, no matter how many leads you collect, if you're project is not up to a high standard or has a demand, audiences will not be interested. Your game has to be something your subscribers want to support, and that doesn't fall down to marketing alone.

Somewhere, someone probably said: Anyone can throw glitter over a piece of sh*t, but it still makes it a piece of sh*t...

Not every lead will convert into a backer

While it's easy to put a projection of outcomes for a successful Kickstarter project, there are a number of factors that make a crowdfunding project good... or bad.

Email list on average have a conversion rate from as low as 1%, up to 5% and over. By generating high quality leads, engaging your community early and educating them of your Kickstarter, we can ready up your potential backers to convert early.

Make sure to get your assets for the best start before launching your game. These can include trailers, playable demo, marketing material (videos & images), a landing page and a Kickstarter page.

So, what makes a successful Kickstarter project?

Kickstarter Marketing - Video Game

A unique, high-quality game.

Kickstarter Marketing - Community

Backers who want to invest and support your game.

Kickstarter Marketing - Launch Day

A realistic delivery time scale.

Kickstarter Marketing - Kickstarter

Audiences familiar with Kickstarter and Crowdfunding.

Kickstarter Marketing - Engage

Create an engaged community.

Kickstarter Marketing - Discount

The right incentive offer for early backers.

Reaching 30% funded within 48 hours is key

Hitting the 30% funded mark in at least 48 hours of your Kickstarter campaign is a key moment to succeeding. Reaching the benchmark puts your project on a good trajectory to reach your funding goal.

Marketing can help with this, but it's not the 'be all, end all' of your campaign. You need to be active across your social media channels, generate a community and consider other means to get your game out there.

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Still have more questions? Drop me an email and I'll be in touch as soon as possible! 

Download a free guide on how to market your game on Kickstarter 

Get your free guide on how to prepare your Kickstarter campaign. Including why Kickstarter, successful games, Do's and Don'ts, what is a pre-launch campaign and more.

Not interested in Crowdfunding?

No problem! You can still get in touch for bespoke marketing services for your video game, whether you're just about to launch or stea. Let us know what you think you'll need and we'll be in touch.

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