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Why Use

Launching a video game on Kickstarter gives Indie Developers, Indie Publishers and Solo Devs an opportunity to secure funding to create a finished game, and validate a concept to gain interest before releasing a finished product.


With a pre-launch campaign, I'll be able to build a dedicated community before going live and generate a buzz across Social Media about your game, convert email subscribers into backers that can then go on to become future players while you'll be able to gather valuable feedback and improve your game.


Generating early buzz before you release is key to a successful campaign, so make sure to get in touch before you go live!

Indievelopment - Kickstarter Marketing

Launch More Than Just Your Game

Launching a video game on Kickstarter gives you a chance to offer your backers something more than just your video game. It gives you the chance to give your backers extra rewards and also expand your inventory with merchandise, in-game exclusives and more.

Build an Audience of Real Gamers

Our strategy will create an audience of indie-loving gamers who can see the potential in your game and bring them along for the ride.
A pre-launch campaign will help grow your community through lead generation, collecting qualified and high-quality leads to prepare and educate potential backers before you go live.

Indievelopment - Kickstarter Marketing
Indievelopment - Kickstarter Marketing

Market Validation

Crowdfunding gives you the chance to learn what works for you and if your game has interest before you give your game the finishing touches. It also gives you the opportunity to get a new perspective on your game with feedback from your backers.

Real-Time Engagement & Hype!

There's no better feeling than launching a game and seeing your funding increase with every refresh of your browser.

Once you get the hype train rolling, you'll boost your visibility on Kickstarter, attracting more and more backers from the platform through ranking higher in Popularity or getting featured in one of Kickstarter's email bursts.


It's Important to Know...

Marketing can not save a bad project

Industry leaders say that 90% of marketing your game is the game itself, but if no one has seen your game, how can you expect people to buy it?


You need a good project to have a Kickstarter worthy of disrupting online. At the end of the day, no matter how many leads you collect, if you're project is not up to a high standard or has a demand, audiences will not be interested. Your game has to be something your subscribers want to support, and that doesn't fall down to marketing alone.

Somewhere, someone probably said: Anyone can throw glitter over a piece of sh*t, but it still makes it a piece of sh*t...

Not every lead will convert into a backer

While it's easy to put a projection of outcomes for a successful Kickstarter project, there are a number of factors that make a crowdfunding project good... or bad.

Email lists on average have a conversion rate from as low as 1% to 5% (based on several industry averages) and over but by generating high-quality leads, engaging your community early and educating them about your Kickstarter, we can ready up your potential backers to convert early. By doing this, we can expect to achieve over 5%.

Make sure to get your assets ready for the best start before launching your game. These can include trailers, playable demo, marketing material (videos & images), a landing page and a Kickstarter page.

So, what makes a successful Kickstarter project?

Kickstarter Marketing - Video Game

A unique, high-quality game.

Kickstarter Marketing - Community

Backers who want to invest and support your game.

Kickstarter Marketing - Launch Day

A realistic delivery time scale.

Kickstarter Marketing - Engage

Create an engaged community.

Kickstarter Marketing - Kickstarter

Audiences familiar with Kickstarter and Crowdfunding.

Kickstarter Marketing - Discount

The right incentive offer for early backers.

Reaching 30% funded within 48 hours is key

Hitting the 30% funded mark in at least 48 hours of your Kickstarter campaign is a key moment to succeeding. Reaching the benchmark puts your project on a good trajectory to reach your funding goal.

Marketing can help with this, but it's not the 'be all, end all' of your campaign. You need to be active across your social media channels, generate a community and consider other means to get your game out there.

Ready to launch? 🚀

If you want to launch your video game soon, get in touch! I'd love to hear from you and work together. Click the button below, enter a few details and I'll be in touch.

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