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Indievelopment Background

Marketing for Kickstarter & Indie Game Launches.

Are you looking to launch your game and get your game funded?


Let me do the marketing for you.


Hi! I'm Sam. A solo marketer with over 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Crowdfunding creating successful Kickstarters using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit ads.


If you're launching a game and need digital marketing, I'll make a strategy that suits your budget to help your game cut through the noise and get funded.

Around 47% of Video Games on Kickstarter Fail.

Indievelopment - Kickstarter Marketing

​I've seen hundreds of games on Kickstarter launch with 1,000s of online followers that don't convert into dedicated backers. It's super rare that your social following will bring you the number of backers you need to get your game funded. 


Social media followers usually bring the lowest number of Backers to your Kickstarter, so dedicating your time and effort to growing your following organically can take a lot of time. You're constantly fighting for attention, but if you have a marketing budget, we can show your game to audiences wanting to get their hands on something new and help grow a long-lasting engaged community.​

Launch Your Game On Kickstarter


Over 50 games launch on Steam a day - There's a lot of competition to go against.

It’s important to get the launch of your campaign right and even more important to get fully funded with the right strategy. A pre-launch campaign is a way to test the market, gain interest and find gamers ready to support the campaign.


We'll help your game rise through the ranks of Kickstarter popularity and bring a newly formed community of eager gamers ready to back your game.


Every strategy is built with your game and budget in mind. Whether you're a small-scale indie studio, indie game publisher or solo developer, we'll go above and beyond with the available resources and get your game successfully funded on Kickstarter or generate Wishlists and sales on Steam.

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Marketing Strategy

Working with Indievelopment means I integrate myself as part of the team so you can spend less time worrying about promoting your game, and more time making the best game possible ...

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Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid media is the most effective way to reach your target audience and be visible in the places they are to build awareness, interest and sales ...

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Pre Launch & Lead Gen

A pre-launch campaign is the starting point for any Kickstarter. Think of it like making sure you're ready to enter the big raid boss with all the right gear and strategies ...

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Creative Design

Email marketing, landing pages and the right social media ads are key to hooking your audiences in and persuading them to convert ...

Ready to launch?

If you want to launch your video game soon, get in touch! I'd love to hear from you and work together. Click the button below, enter a few details and I'll be in touch.

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Indievelopment Work

Atomic Owl - Video Game

Atomic Owl - A Synthwave Pixel Art Roguelite

1,005 Backers // $55,617 Raised // 158% Funded

Services: Kickstarter Pre-Launch, Email Marketing, Paid Social Media Ads and Consulting.

"Dude, you rock. Your knowledge on ads, the emails, the landing page -- it was all necessary for our Kickstarter's success."

- Eldar, Monster Theater

Download your free guide on how to market a game on Kickstarter 

Get your free guide on how to prepare your Kickstarter campaign. Including why Kickstarter, successful games, Do's and Don'ts, what is a pre-launch campaign and more.

Not interested in Crowdfunding?

No problem! You can still get in touch for bespoke marketing services for your video game. The best time to contact is at least 2 months before you launch.

Marketing tips, hints & more

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