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How to set up your Meta Business Manager to start using ads.

Updated: May 21

You must set up a Business Manager to start making ads across Meta's platforms. In this post, we'll go through;

What is Meta's Business Manager?

Meta's Business Manager is a hub to manage both your Facebook Pages and Ad Accounts, With Business Manager, you can:

  1. Add, assign and remove access to your pages and ad accounts.

  2. Easily create and manage ads for our accounts.

  3. Share your Business Manager with agencies or freelancers so they can have access to your account and manage ad campaigns.

How to set up a Business Manager

To open a Meta Business Manager account, you need a personal Facebook account.

Set up your Business Manager
Set up your Business Manager

Add a Page to your Business Manager

Before you set up any campaigns, your Business Manager needs to have at least one Facebook Page connected. To add a Facebook page to your account, go to the Business Settings (it looks like a gear icon) on the sidebar and do the following:

  1. In the Business Assets section, click Accounts. Then, click Pages.

  2. Click Add in the dropdown menu.

  3. Select Add a Page.

  4. Enter the Facebook Page name or URL.

  5. Click Add Page. You should see your Page on the next screen. From here you can add people to manage this Page.

Add a Facebook page to business manager
To add a Page, go into Business Settings, Pages and then click 'Add'

Create an Ad Account

Creating an Ad Account will permanently belong to that Business Manager. Once created, it can not be transferred to an individual owner who doesn't own a Business Manager. To create an Ad Account, you need to:

  1. Go to Business settings.

  2. Click Accounts from the left side menu. Then, click Ad Accounts.

  3. Click the blue Add dropdown menu.

  4. Choose 'Create a new ad account'.

  5. Follow the prompts to select people and access levels.

Select 'Create a new ad account'


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