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Why Indie Developers should use Kickstarter

Updated: May 21

Kickstarter can be a powerful platform for indie devs to fund their games, build a community, gain exposure, and retain creative control. It's an opportunity to bring your vision to life with the support of passionate gamers who believe in your project.

Here's why indie developers should use Kickstarter:

Funding for your game

Kickstarter provides a way to secure funding for your game development. It allows you to showcase your game concept, build excitement around it, and attract backers willing to support your project financially. This can help cover development costs, pay for assets, hire additional team members, or fund marketing efforts.

Community Building

Kickstarter provides a unique opportunity to engage with a community of passionate gamers who are interested in supporting indie projects. By creating a Kickstarter campaign, you can interact directly with potential players, gather feedback, and build a dedicated fanbase even before your game is released. This community can become invaluable for word-of-mouth marketing and future support.

Kickstarter Video Game List
Even larger developers use Kickstarter to tap into the crowdfunding community

Marketing and Exposure

Launching a Kickstarter campaign helps generate buzz and exposure for your game. Kickstarter has a built-in audience of backers actively looking for innovative and unique projects to support. The platform itself can drive traffic to your campaign, and if your project stands out, it may attract media attention and coverage, expanding your game's reach beyond the Kickstarter platform.


Successfully funding your game on Kickstarter serves as a validation of your concept and potential market demand. It demonstrates that people are willing to invest in your idea, which can be a significant boost to your confidence and help attract further interest from publishers, investors, or distribution platforms.

Creative Control

Kickstarter allows indie developers to retain creative control over their projects. Unlike traditional funding methods, where you may have to compromise on your vision to meet the demands of investors or publishers, Kickstarter lets you maintain artistic and design integrity. You can communicate directly with your backers, involve them in the development process, and maintain a closer relationship with your audience.

Early Access and Feedback

Kickstarter backers often gain early access to games, allowing them to provide valuable feedback and help shape the final product. This iterative development process can improve your game's quality, identify and fix issues, and ensure that the end product aligns with players' expectations.

However, it's important to note that Kickstarter success is not guaranteed.

It requires careful planning, a compelling pitch, effective marketing strategies, and continuous engagement with your backers. Having a realistic budget, development timeline, and a solid plan for delivering your game is also essential.


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